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Volunteer completes her work silently

There’s a volunteer in Glendale who likes to keep a low profile, whether walking her black poodle along Brand Boulevard collecting trash or h ugg boots sale elping with the Meals on Wheels program.

Karil Drake is who the Salvation Army calls when the Meals on ugg boots sale Wheels program needs extra help. She makes volunteering a priority and delivers hot meals to the elder ugg boots sale ly and people who can’t leave their homes or cook.

“They really appreciate somebody coming in,” Drake said. “They’re real thankful when I bring the meals in. They’re happy to have someone to talk to for a minute. They’re shut in, they can’t drive, and they’re not walking well, so they can’t get around.”

The 11 year volunteer grew up in Connecticut and moved to Glendale in 1990. Her aunt and uncle lived in Los Angeles, and she moved to the area for her job with First Interstate Bank. She worked as a trainer and traveled all over the country.

After Drake’s daughter Celeste was born, she stopped working and began her involvement with Church Women United as treasurer, the Philanthropic Educational Organization, a women’s sorority that fundraises for women educational loans; and joined Meals on Wheels.

In Glendale, the Salvation Army runs the Meals on Wheels program in c ugg boots sale oordination with more than 25 local Christian congregations. These religious groups also form Church Women United of Glendale.

Drake will co chair the upcoming 33rd Founders Day benefit luncheon on July 20. The charity event invites women from the congregations to bring salads to raise money for Meals on Wheels.

Rick White, director of social services and volunteer coordinator, has worked with Drake for three years and describes her as a people lover.

“She’s dependable, she’s positive, she’s upbeat,” he said. “She’ll do whatever she can to help us out when we ask for her help.”

Drake likes to keep her work quiet even when she collects donated items, packs them tightly into a Ford Explorer and delivers the contents to Los Angeles area donation centers.

“I like doing [volunteer work] quietly, underneath, so this [article] kind of mucks it up,” she said. “I don’t like the exposure.”

She and her daughter distribute birthday cards once a month to Solheim Lutheran home. Drake has memories of taking her young daughter to entertain the skilled nursing home residents. One time they brought along her neighbor’s baby, too.

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Volume One

Rose (“Velvet Blue Rose”) is as girly as a manga gets. It’s about fashion, romance and sisterly love, and two pretty boys take the lead aside the female main character. Rose is also cheek pinchingly cute. I can’t dress myself in the morning, but I just wanted to eat this manga up. I haven’t yet decided if I’m disgusted with myself, but I can’t deny the fact that I really enjoyed Hidaka’s story despite its cliches.

Ageha is a young fashion prodigy who’s dismayed when she hears the news that her pregnant older sister is marrying her dull boyfriend. Ageha dreams of weddings, but in her mind, her sister’s happy event is a tragedy. Rose, the bridal shoppe that’ ugg boots sale s been commi ugg boots sale ssioned to put together the wedding dress. Rose is headed by Yukari, a man who’s seemingly impossible to please. What’s more, Ageha has slowly drifted a ugg boots sale way from her sister in recent years, and her personal emotions stand to get in the way of her work.

On the other hand, the budding romance between Ageha and Yukari is predictable and unnec ugg boots sale essary. They both share a love for what they do, which is more than enough for forming a bond between them. Rose after she rants and whines at her sister), but more often their fondness for one another is expressed through spats. Admittedly, Yukari’s final “test” for Ageha is pretty intense, if not just a little mean.