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Vince Chicco Merlo’s bresaola recipe

The process starts with pouring the salt into a large non reactive container (with a lid), then diluting it with some of the red wine. Add the meat, carrot, onion, orange rind, peppercorns, chilli, garlic, bay leaves, rosemary and thyme. Use a mortar and pestle to grind the juniper berries before adding baby ugg boots to the mix. Top up with the wine to completely cover the meat. Seal the container with a lid or plastic baby ugg boots wrap.

Place in the fridge for 8 days. After 4 days, turn the meat over and at the end of the week, place it in a cheesecloth bag and hang it to dry in a cool (about 12C), airy place away from direct sunlight (which in my case is under the house). There will be some loss of weight due to the drying.

After a further 3 weeks, retrieve the meat and remove the occasional mould by washing and brushin baby ugg boots g with vinegar. Pat dry with paper towel and slightly oil the surface of the bresaola with olive oil to keep it soft.

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Store in the fridge in a vacuum sealed pack for longer storage, or wrapped in waxed paper in a paper bag.

Serve thinly sliced with rocket or a salad, shaved parmesan, a squeeze of lemon juice and good olive oil.If you live in a hot climate and can’t hang the bresaola outside in a cool airy place, put it in the fridge and allow a little longer for it to dry and cure.