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Vincent Price Collection

This week, we have a real Halloween treat from Shout! Factory. The master of the macabre is back with six chilling tales of terror. The Vincent Price Collection includes FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (1960), THE HAUNTED PALACE (1963), THE MASQUE OF RED DEATH (1964), THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1961), WITCHFINDER GENERAL (1968) and THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES (1971). The creep factor will hit eleven with chilling bonus content that includes interviews with producer/director Roger Corman, audio commentaries, original theatrical trailers, still galleries and archival materials. This Blu ray collection also includes a 24 page Collector book. That right, Maniacs. This is the first time these six films have been released on Blu ray.

Many of these films have been released before on D baby ugg boots VD and, of course, VHS. Roger Corman holds the rights to many of these pictures, so seeing them on the big screen is a rarity in itself. Now you have the chance to pick up these classic chilling tales of terror in one incredible box set. There really is no better way to spend your holiday than with Vincent Price.

Many of these, I have seen over and over again in the oddest of places. The first being the video stores in which I worked for years. They are either unrated or PG 13, which made them acceptable to show in all the video stores I worked at. The other place was English class. Yes, I had one of those teachers that loved Edgar Allan Poe enough to show us the cinematic versions of his tales, despite how loosely based they were. What fascinated me, with this box set, were the other films that had escaped my attention. The first is WITCHFINDER GENERAL (1968), a ghastly portrayal of a very real character, Matthew Hopkins, from a dark time in England history. You may know the picture better as The Conqueror Worm. The second picture was a complete mystery to me and that was THE HAUNTED PALACE (1963).

An incredible bonus feature into this dark world was the introduction of each film by Vincent Price. Shout! Factory obtained the right to show PBS introductions by Price that were recorded in 1982. A fire side chat with Price about the film both before and after and your evening is complete. WITCHFINDER GENERAL was my first Price Halloween treat and to learn that the film was a based on a real story made it all the more horrific. Price plays Matthew Hopkins, a man drunk with power who abuses his position to get whatever he wants. When Hopkins arrives at a small church and sees the priest niece, he declares the priest a witch all to have his way with her. The plot thickens when her betrothed, Richard Marshall (Ian Ogilvy) returns from the war and learns the truth. The colors are as incredible as Price wickedness. It was amazing to learn that director Michael Reeves wanted Donald Pleasance to play the Witchfinder General. Perhaps Reeves thought that Price appearance in the film would make it more of a fantasy picture than the realistic nightmare it truly was. Regardless, Price is cold, brutal and the true monster of this non whimsical story. The real dark note is brought home with Price final word on the film, thanks to PBS.

THE HAUNTED PALACE is more on the dark fantasy side as Roger Croman re teams with Vincent Price on this dark tale of magic. Price plays a Warlock named Joseph Curwen who is burned at the stake. Over one hundred years later, Curwen spirit returns to the village that murdered him to seek out his revenge. His vessel for this plot is Curwen descendent, Charles Ward. The real treat is that Price plays both parts in the film. He is a medieval Jekyll and Hyde that is not only at war with the townspeople, but his own body. In many ways, THE HAUNTED PALACE resembles a Hammer Film. It has the great gothic locations, the classic actors (Lon Chaney Jr appears as baby ugg boots well), and the babes. Cathie ba baby ugg boots by ugg boots Merchant and Debra Paget are the two love interests for Price tormented characters. One his mistress, one his wife, and both are very easy on the eyes. Paget, today, could have easily played Wonder Woman.

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