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cheap ugg boots VIA Rail cuts allowable baggag

VIA Rail cuts allowable baggage

TORONTO Traveling on VIA Rail after October 11? Pack light.

The passenger train service is implementing a new carry on baggage policy that cuts the allowable weight in half.

rules aim to make the travel experience aboard the train safer and more enjoyable, explains VIA spokesperson Mylne Blanger. want to prevent employee and passenger injuries and reduce delays due to baggage handling.

Passengers will be permitted to bring aboard a maximum of two articles weighing no more than 11.5 kg each in addition to one personal article such as a laptop bag or small backpack.

Carry on bags are also not allowed to be larger than 54.5 cm x 39.5 cm x 23 cm. Alternatively, passengers can bring one carry on bag weighing no more than 18 kg.

Bags between 18 kg and 23 kg will be subject to a $20 surcharge but VIA will not allow any luggage cheap ugg boots over 23 kg.

Up until now, VIA passengers were allowed to bring two pieces of carry on luggage up to 23 kg each and as big as 66 cm x 46 cm x 23 cm.

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Blanger says VIA has been educating passengers about the new policy for several weeks but expects there will be a period of used to it. says those who do not follow the new guidelines will be asked to redistribute cheap ugg boots the weight into other pieces of luggage or check it into the baggage car of their train or the next train offering checked baggage service (Only 30 per cent of trains on the Windsor Quebec City corridor offer checked baggage service, according to Blanger).

VIA Rail new baggage policy brings it in line with those of the major Canadian airlines.

Porter allows two carry on articles less than 9 kg and one checked bag no more than 23 kg. Additional bags cost $20 to $50 each.

Air Canada allows two carry on bags weighing no more than 10 kg each. The policy varies depending on a number of factors including the des cheap ugg boots tination and a passenger tier status but generally one bag less than 23 kg is allowed.

Westjet carry cheap ugg boots on baggage policy permits a maximum of two bags weighing no more than 10 kg each. Passengers can also check one bag less than 23 kg. A second bag is subject to a $20 charge and additional bags are charged $50 each.

cheap ugg boots VIA Announces NanoBook UMD Ref

VIA Announces NanoBook UMD Reference Design

Taipei, Taiwan, 05 June 2007 VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and device platform solutions, will unveil the new VIA NanoBook UMD (Ultra Mobile Device) Reference Design at VTF2007 on 6 June 2007 in Taipei. Designed to meet the needs of today’s Mobility 2.0 lifesty cheap ugg boots le, the VIA NanoBook packs the performance, connectivity and functionality of a notebook PC into a sleek and light ultra p cheap ugg boots ortable clamshell form factor that weighs less than 850g.

To provide users with additional flexibility when they are on the move, the VIA NanoBook also features a USB slot next to the screen that will enable the snap in integration of a variety of World Time Clock/Calendar, GPS, VOIP, and broadband wireless modules. “The VIA NanoBook UMD Reference Design turns my dream of creating a full featured Ultra Mobile Device that delivers a rich computing, communications, and Internet computing experience into a reality,” said Wenchi Chen, President and CEO of VIA Technologies, Inc. “With its highly functional yet ultra compact form factor and extended battery life, it will enable people to enjoy the Mobility 2.0 lifestyle at any place and any time.”

I think there is a grey area where a device is too small to be comfortably used like a laptop and too big to be conveniently portable, and this thing looks like it fits right into that zone. It’s way too big to fit in a pocket and if I’m going to carry something around in a bag, it might as well be a laptop with a bigger screen, more functionality and a better keyboard. That’s probably wh cheap ugg boots y UMPCs haven’t quite taken off. I also don’t like that a lot of the potential screen real estate is being wasted (I’m refering to the large hole in cheap ugg boots the bottom and the old school non backlit LCD display). I’d imagine this thing is about the same size as a 11″ laptop and the only advantage it seems to have is better battery life.