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ugg australia Uranium study adds fuel to Ben

Uranium study adds fuel to Ben Lomond protests

T ugg australia he report was released shortly after the State gained new power over environmental approvals, giving further ammunition to those against proposals to restart mining operations at the two decade dormant Ben Lomond uranium mine outside Townsville.

A Townsville protest group called Citizens Against Mining Ben Lomond has formed and is using The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology report to boost their cause.

“With only six months to go until uranium mine applications are lodged in Queensland, we are deeply concerned that this isn’t enough time for proper peer reviewing of this new study and for any new knowledge to be applied to assessing any North Queensland uranium m ugg australia ines,” Citizens Against Mining Ben Lomond spokesman Mark Harrison said. “One of the aspects from this study is that in areas with high rainfall it spreads even further. We have that here.

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“These mining companies are going to tell us that they’re going to do everything by the book, but they can’t g ugg australia uarantee 100 per cent that this can’t happen and that’s the main issue.”

The study, at a former French uranium mine, showed that uranium ugg australia could carry to other areas more easily than assumed in areas with lots of surface water movement which anti mine campaigners point to as having direct implications for planned uranium mining sites in the local tropical environment.

But the news did not change Thuringowa MP Sam Cox’s opinion.

“I know recent event(s) have stirred up sentiments in regard to mining uranium but I look at that and to me it’s no different to any other mining situation where we have conditions that you have to believe are sufficient,” he said.

ugg australia Uranium smuggled in carrier ba

Uranium smuggled in carrier bag

Khintsagov was able to keep it in the bag in his pocket because uranium does not emit much radiation. He was jailed for ten years after the sting last summer.

The operation was set up by Georgian officials investigating smuggling rings in two of its breakaway border regions Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Georgian interior minister Vano Merabishvili said he was ugg australia releasing the details now because Russia had failed to co operate in the case.

Georgia efforts to trace the nuclear material and confirm whether Khintsagov had access to more have foundered as a result, he added.

The arrest highlights concerns about terrorists acquiring nuclear bombmaking material on the black market.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said: the consequences of the detonation of an improvised nuc ugg australia lear explosive device, even small number of incidents involvi ugg australia ng highly enriched uranium o ugg australia r plutonium are of very high concern.