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ugg australia UQ supports sustainable touris

UQ supports sustainable tourism initiative on North Stradbroke Island

2 June 2004The University of Queensland’s Moreton Bay Research Station will play host to the launch of the North Stradbroke Sustainable Tourism Action Plan as part of the inaugural “Caring for Straddie” weekend to be held June 11 to 13.

Redland Shire Mayor Don Seccombe will launch the document which has been developed by the community run North Stradbroke Island (NSI) Sustainable Tourism Committee.

One of the recent initiatives of the NSI Sustainable Tourism Committee was to make North Stradbroke Island the first Queensland island to be plastic bag free.

To raise awareness of this important environmental issue, the weekend will conclude with a fun “Fashions in the Bag” competition held at the Point Lookout Hall on Sunday, June 13 at 10.30am where contestants have to find, make and model fashions m ugg australia ade from discarded plastic bags.

Plastic bags are one of the biggest environmental concerns of Moreton Bay as marine wildlife are often entangled in discarded bags a ugg australia nd also consume them.

“The last three sick turtles that were brought into the research station had plastic bags trapped in their digestive system and they all required specialist care,” said UQ Moreton Bay Research Station manager Kevin Townsend.

“To a turtle, a floating plastic bag looks like a jelly fish and they often end up eating them by mistake.

“We see first hand the devastating effects of plastic bags on the marine environment and that is why we are supporting this important local community initiative.”

The Action Plan outlines the community’s commitment to sustainable tourism on North Stradbroke Island and covers such issues as reducing and recycling wastes, maintaining local cultural diversity, reducing greenhouse gases while increasing local employment opportunities.

“Tourism is a growing industry on the island.” said NSI Sustainable Tourism ugg australia Committee chairman Lynn Jones.

“Th ugg australia e local businesses and community members recognised the importance of managing tourism development. We need to maintain Stradbroke’s unique environment and culture, while increasing local economic opportunities in a sustainable way.”

The weekend will include a series of workshops looking at everything from business sustainability and Green Globe 21 accreditation to creating a composting system in your back yard.

UQ Moreton Bay Research Station’s Education Officer Kathy Townsend will be running an interactive “Greenhouse Calculator” workshop.

“The workshop will give community members a chance to assess how their lifestyle contributes to greenhouse gas emission and pollution levels,” said Ms Townsend.

ugg australia UQ Study Abroad ExchangeI

UQ Study Abroad Exchange

I have been in Brisbane for a week now, and while it has not been quite as eventful as the four days spent in Sydney, there has been so much to do to get settled in. We have a great flat with a balcony that is only a 10 15 minute walk from campus.

Our balcony is second from the top on the right!

There are Bowls fields behind our apartment that we still need to chec ugg australia k out. Bowls is kind of like Bocce Ball and is pretty popular over here. Bowls clubs will sometimes have barefoot tournaments which consist of people gathering to play Bowls, taking off their shoes, and proceeding to drink (sometimes a lot). But when it is clear and sunny it is absolutely beautiful. See?

This past week was orientation week at UQ, which is about as exciting as it sounds But actually it was fun to get on campus and meet people. I of course got lost multiple times. It is a huge campus and completely different from the city like layout at Pitt that I am used to. Armed with my handy campus map, I am and easily picked out as “the new girl,” but am finally getting my bearings. As long as I can find someone who is not one of the other 11,299 international students, people are happy to point me in the right direction.

Also part of orientation was the Marketplace event, which is the huge student activities fair. Unaware of the plethora of free things we were going to receive, my roommate Jess and I moseyed on over to campus with our little bags and ended up with more than we could carry. No complaints though! I managed to sign up for the Beer and Rum club and the Wine and Cheese club. What else does a girl need in life? CHOCOLATE. But I couldn’t find the Chocolate Appreciation Society (I’m still on the hunt for any more info about this MIA club, don’t worry), so I opted for beach volleyball and QUEST, which is the study abroad/exchange student organization that plans a bunch of fun events and trips for student friendly prices throughout the semester. Our first trip with them is to Byron Bay in two weeksmore on that to come!

Speaking of student friendly pricesthose are far and few between in Australia. Everything here is so darn expensive! Gone are the ugg australia days of Subway’s $5 footlongsthey are $7 here. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Interestingly enough, there seems to be more Subways here than in America. But anyway, the cost of living is quite high and my credit card is not too happy about it.

Last Saturday we were supposed to head to the Gold Coast for surfing lessons, which we were all quite excited for. But Mother Nature had other plans, as storms and huge waves slammed the Gold Coast beaches. Needless to say, that event had to be postponed, but lucky for us, this happened to be the one day without rain in Brisbane. So instead we made the trek to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary ugg australia which started off quite eventfully

The ferry to Lone Pine left from downtown at 10:00 am and by the time Jess and I got ourselves out the door it was 9:36. Knowing it is about a 20 30 minute trek to get downtown we were slightly worried but comforted knowing we looked presentable from the extra few minutes spent getting ready. Our other friends who live downtown were already at the ferry, getting a play by play of our every move as they held the entire ferry full of people until we got there. Once Jess and I got off the CityCat (which is the boat version of Brisbane’s public transportation) we broke into a sprint up the river bank to get to the ferry. We were greeted, sweaty and out of breath, by the ferry crew who were actually very nice and pretended not to mind that they waited for two little American girls. No wonder Americans have the reputation we do

But it was worth it. Even though the ferry ride was quite hot, it was cool to see other parts of the Brisbane River and learn a little more about it. There are gorgeous, multi million dollar homes situated all along the banks of the river and it made me miss all the summer days spent tubing and kayaking at the lake house (shout out to the Indy Matteis!). We finally arrived at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and excitedly ran off the ferry with a kind yet stern remi ugg australia nder of the ferry departure time and advice to not be late this time. Whoops.

Fun fact: Queensland is one of the only states in the world where you can actually cuddle a koala! Knowing there were koalas waiting to be held, we made our way into the park on the lookout for koalas. And they were everywhere! Look who I found!

Koalas actually live a pretty good life. They spend 4 hours a day eating eucalyptus, but since it doesn’t have much nutritional value, all the have energy to do for the remaining 20 hours is sleep.

Since it was so beautiful out, I spent the rest of the day exploring and taking pictures of the city and South Bank area. South Bank is located right on the river and is home to restaurants, markets, running paths, and Brisbane’s man made beach. Since Brisbane is about an hour from the coast, someone had the bright idea to bring a taste of the beach to the city and this has become a hot spot for sunbathers and children looking to cool off and play in the water. It really is a very nice place. The only thing missing is the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. But hey, no complaints!