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ugg boots uk US eyes ‘special’ relationship

US eyes ‘special’ relationship with China

Beijing, April 14: US Secretary of State John Kerry has said America wants a “strong, normal and spec ugg boots uk ial” relationship with China as the Asian country is a great power with great ability to advance the world.

“We need to work together to do that,” Kerry said at a briefing Saturday night after he met Chinese leaders during his first Beijing trip since taking office in February, Xinhua reported.

Kerry said the US and China, as two of the most powerful economies in the world as well as two permanent me ugg boots uk > ugg boots uk mbers of the UN Security Council, “you have the possibility of create synergy,” which will benefit the whole world.

“Cyber security affects everybody,” he said. “So we are going to work immediately on an accelerated basis on cyber.”

Kerry said du ugg boots uk ring his Beijing stay, he talked with Chinese officials on bilateral, global and regional security issues, beginning with the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

ugg boots uk US economy now growing at annu

US economy now growing at annual rate of 3

The US economy expanded at a 3.2 per cent pace in the fourth quarter as Americans’ spending climbed the most in three years.

The growth in gross domestic product, which was largely in line with forecasts, and followed a 4.1 per cent advance in the prior three months, the US commerce department figures showed today in Washington.

Growth in the second half of the year was the strongest since the six months ended in March 2012. Consumer spending, which accounts for almost 70 percent of the economy, cl ugg boots uk imbed 3.3 per cent, less than ugg boots uk estimated.

The pick up in demand allowed the economy to overcome cutbacks in government outlays caused by the partial federal shutdown in October. Diminishing fiscal challenges and progress in the labor market will probably sustain consumer and corporate demand in 2014, helping explain why the Federal Reserve decided yesterday to keep paring stimulus. “For a period that included a government shutdown, it was a pretty successful quarter,” Sam Coffin, an economist at UBS Securities LLC in Stamford, Connecticut, said before the report. “The momentum carries over into this year. The worst of the fiscal battles is behind us. We’ll see the economy picking up.”

Another report showed applications for unemployment benefits in the US rose more than forecast last week to the highest level in more than a month, partly reversing a post holiday slump.

Jobless claims climbed by 19,00 ugg boots uk 0 to 348,000 in the period ended January 25th, which ugg boots uk included the Martin Luther King holiday, according to US Labor Department data. The reading was the highest since mid December.