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ugg boots uk US drones kill 24 a day after

US drones kill 24 a day after resumption of Nato supplies

MIRANSHAH: Twenty four persons were killed and some others were injured in one of the deadliest attacks carried out by CIA operated US spy planes in the Gorweek village of Dattakhel area, North Waziristan Agency, on Friday. There were reports that the death toll could rise as the drones had fired eight missiles and caused widespread destruction in the village.

The drone attack came just a day after the government restored the Nato supplies passing through Pakistan. The issue of the drone strikes has been a bone of contention between Pakistan and the US as Islamabad had demanded a complete end to the attacks. “The drone strike on ugg boots uk Friday shows that the US has refused to accept Pakistan’s demand to halt these deadly attacks,” said an observer.

Official and tribal sources said that six US drones were seen flying over the Gorweek village since Friday afternoon near the Afghan border. Gorweek, which is about 65 kilometres west of Miranshah, the headquarters of North Waziristan, is close to the Urgoon area of Afghanistan’s Paktika province. Gorweek is a historical village as it served as the headquarters of Faqir of Ipi, the freedom fighter who fought against the British colonial rule.

Sources said the drones fired eight missiles and pounded two houses and four vehicles. They said 18 people were killed initially in the air strike and 10 others were injured, some of them seriously. ugg boots uk

The identity of the victims of the drone strike was unknown, but in most cases the target of such attacks are local militants affiliated to th ugg boots uk e Taliban group headed by Hafiz Gul Bahadur. It may be noted that the Taliban in North Waziristan, led by Hafiz Gul Bahadur, had banned the anti polio campaign as a mark of protest over the frequent US drone attacks in their area. The Taliban i ugg boots uk n North Waziristan aren’t part of the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) led by Hakimullah Mahsud.

ugg boots uk US drone strike kills 6 in Pak

US drone strike kills 6 in Pakistan

A US drone attack killed at least six suspected militants in Pakistan’s lawless North Waziristan

tribal region today ugg boots uk , the first such strike since the country’s general elections and the announceme ugg boots uk nt of a new policy for the use of the CIA operated spy planes by President Barack Obama.

Six persons in the house were killed instantly and two others injured, TV news channels quoted officials as saying. Local residents said several drones were seen hovering over the area after the attack.

The injured were taken to a nearby hospital, where officials described their condition as critical. The identity of the dead and injured could not immed ugg boots uk iately be ascertained.

This was the first drone strike in Pakistan since the May 11 polls and the announcement of a new policy for the use of the spy planes by President Barack Obama last week.

According to the new policy, drone strikes can only be used to prevent imminent attacks, when the capture of a suspect is not feasible and if there is a “near certainty” that civilians will not be killed.

Pakistan’s general election was won by the PM ugg boots uk L N and Prime Minister elect Nawaz Sharif, who is set to assume office in June, has said Washington must take Islamabad’s concerns about drone strikes seriously.

US and Afghan officials describe North Waziristan as a safe haven for Taliban and al Qaeda elements and many top militant commanders have been killed by US drones in the region.

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani said on Friday the drone strikes were illegal and counter productive despite the new guidelines unveiled by Obama.