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Uses for Plastic Bags

I love to collect plastic bags from the grocery store, whereas my fiance throws them out as soon as the shopping items have been put away. I then dig the plastic bags out of the trash, and have to convince the man that not only do I need the plastic bags, but I will actually use them. Here are some awesome uses for plastic bags. Pick up dog poop with them. Put your hand in the plastic bag and pick up dog poop, then pull the bag inside out so your hand never touches the poop but the poop stays in the bag. When you get really good at using the plastic bag for a glove and a poop bag at once, you can gather up several doggy piles with ease. Plus, it saves a garbage bag from being wasted.

Kitty litter fits entirely in a single plastic bag. If you’re skittish, line a plastic bag with another, then dump out the entire litter box. Again, you have not wasted a large garbage bag, using your plastic bag instead. Simply tie the kitty litter bag shut and out to the garbage can it goes!

Wet or muddy shoes can be placed into plastic bags to keep them from getting debris and water all over the house. Keep plastic bags in the mudroom (simply place a handful of plastic bags into an open plastic bag to keep track of them) and use them for storing those muddy shoes in and keep your house clean.

Plastic bags are great for storing vacuum parts in. Place the attachments, extra belts, and bags in a plastic bag and loop it around the vacuum so you can grab your attachments with ease without having to look for them. We do this after searching the closets high and low for the belts we bought from specialty store for our Kirby. Those buggers are expensive, and a plastic bag can help you keep track.

Puke bags. All I gotta say. When someone in the house is ill, having a plastic bag around (make sure there are no holes in it) can keep you from having to use your nice mixing bowl to catch unexpected vomit. Have a plastic bag in every room of the hous ugg sandals e when someone is sick so it can be gathered and puked into without scrambling for it. Keep the plastic bag in the car as well, both as a garbage sack and travel puke bag.

Plastic bags are perfect for those messy items that you want to throw away b ugg sandals ut don’t want to get all over the place, like pens that have burst, leaking nail polish bottles, candle wax, oil, and dirty car parts that are no long ugg sandals er needed. Simply place messy items in a plastic bag, tie it, then toss it into the garbage can.

Take a plastic bag with you in your pocket when you walk your dog so you can pick up their poop on the go. I do this when I am walking my dog in a park. No mess and no fuss just use the bag as a glove and pick up the poop, tie the plastic bag shut, and toss it into the garbage! The other patrons of your walking area will thank you!

The next time you think you don’t need your plastic bags, think again. They are super easy to store simply by shoving them all into a single plastic bag, and if nothing else, you can donate the plastic bags to your local thrift store, who will be happy to have them! When I have a surplus of plastic bags, I donate ugg sandals them, and they never go to waste! Throwing away a perfectly good plastic bag is such a shame not when there are so many good uses for them!I collect plastic bags for use

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Reusing Plastic Bags: Ideas for the Crafty, Commuters and the Rest of UsPlastic bags are becoming a huge environmental problem. The number of bags people are using compared to the numbers that are being recycled is a scary figure. You can use up those plastic bags in very practical ways.

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Uses for Burlap

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysBurlap is often used to cover walls. The natura ugg sandals l fabric ugg sandals creates a unique texture on any wall that can either be left plain or painted to match the other colors and themes in your home. Often, burlap wallpaper is used in theatrical purposes as it can cover a large area for little expense. It can also provide a distinctive look to your home, as no two rolls are exactly alike in color or weave. Burlap is also more environmentally friendly than many other wall coverings, so it will appeal to those who are more “green.”Burlap can also be used to control soil erosion in barren areas. Plastic cuts down on the amount of water that penetrates the soil, so you need a fabric that will allow water to permeate it. Burlap should be used in areas that are affected by the most severe erosion. Before laying the burlap down, soak the soil thoroughly with water. After laying the burlap down, use stakes to keep it in place, and cut off ugg sandals any extra fabric with scissors. You can also use the scissors to cut holes for plants to be planted or for ugg sandals those that are already in the soil.