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ugg slippers US woman pleads guilty in anim

US woman pleads guilty in animal cruelty case involving dog found in trash chute

A woman pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges Tuesday in a case that sparked international headlines after an emaciated dog was found, starved and near death, wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown down a building’s garbage chute.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office said Kisha Curtis pleaded guilty to fourth degree animal cruelty. She also gave up custody of the dog. Curtis was set to go to trial on ugg slippers W ugg slippers ednesday.

The 29 year old New Jersey resident was accused of tying the pit bull to the railing in her former Newark apartment building, then leaving the state for more than a week in 2011.

The dog named Patrick by his rescuers when he was brought in around St. Patrick’s Day was found near death in a plastic bag at the bottom of a trash chute. The dog survived and recovered. Thousands of fans followed Patrick’s progress on his Facebook page. A custody fight over the dog erupted after his much publicized plight resulted in thousands of letters and donations from around the world.

The dog has been living with a foster family after being cared for initially by the Associated Humane Societies and then Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, where he was nursed back to health.

State Superior Court Judge Joseph C ugg slippers assini III will decide who will have permanent custody of Patrick. Cassini plans to issue his order at Curtis’ Aug. 29 sentencing, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The charge Curtis pleaded to carries up to 18 months in prison, but she may not serve time as a first offender.

Curtis was not accused of placing the dog in the trash chute, but prosecutors said she was responsible for abandoning and starving the dog, resulting in his “torment and to ugg slippers rture.”

ugg slippers US woman in court over baby ki

US woman in court over baby killings

M ugg slippers egan Huntsman, 39, told police she had not killed the seventh infant found in the garage, according to the ar ugg slippers rest affidavit quoted by The Salt Lake Tribune.

The seventh infant was stillborn, she told police.

Police over the weekend discovered the remains of seven infants packed in cardboard boxes in the garage in Pleasant Grove, near Provo, in the house where Huntsman live ugg slippers d until 2011.

Police were alerted by her estranged husband, and police then obtained a search warrant and found the other six corpses.

The husband, Darren West, who was previously identified as her ex husband, was preparing to move back into the house after recently getting out of prison, the Tribune reported. Their three daughters, ages 13 to 20, continued to live in the house after their mother moved out in 2011.

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While cleaning out the garage, West reportedly opened a box and found the first infant’s body.

He contacted Huntsman, who admitted she had given birth to the stillborn baby in 2006, according to the arrest affidavit. He then called police, who obtained a search warrant and found the six other infant corpses, according to Pleasant Grove police Captain Michael Roberts.

Huntsman told police she had strangled or suffocated the infants immediately after they were born. Each baby was wrapped in a towel or shirt, placed inside a plastic bag and stored in a separate cardboard box in her garage, police investigators said in the affidavit.