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uggs up with baby North and reveals

up with baby North and reveals childhood obsession with Kris Jenner

Dressed in a stunning satin wedding gown, Kim said: “I take pictures of her all the time and dress her up. I put Kanye’s big chains around her, and I put a little Louis bag and some Jordans, and I was like, ‘What up, Daddy?”Kanye doesn’t miss any of the action either, having made a stop frame video of her natural movements which he has edited to make it seem like she is breakdancing.The brunette beauty also admitted she and older sister Kourtney once w uggs ent through their mother Kris Jenner’s wardrobe to decide who would inherit which items when she dies.”[Mom] was into Vicky Tiel, Moschino, or Chanel with huge Moschino heart earrings. She had an amazing body and was always so in shape.”One time Kourtney and I sat in my mom’s closet we must’ve been eight or nine and we were like If uggs Mom uggs uggs dies, we’re going to write down who gets what.



Investigators who scoured a New Jersey house where four boys were allegedly starved left early yesterday carrying part of a windowsill, a witness said.

Earlier this week officials said that one ravenous child had resorted to chewing on a flaking windowsill. Tuesday night. yesterday carrying thr uggs ee large boxes filled with yellow bags.

One investigator car uggs ried what looked like part of a windowsill, about 26 inches from end to end, a w uggs itness said.

The Jacksons, who lived in the Victorian home with their six adopted kids, a foster child and two biological children, have been accused of aggravated assault and endangerment in what officials described as one of New Jersey worst cases of child abuse.

They are accused of starving the adopted boys, aged 19, 14, 10, and 9, who weighed less than 50 pounds each.

Earlier this week state officials fired n uggs ine workers with the Division of Youth and Family Services connected to the case. A tenth social worker resigned after the arrest of the parents last Friday.

The caseworkers allegedly failed to investigate the parents false claim that the kids suffered from physical problems that caused eating disorders.