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Vets discover everyday noises that drive cats wild

Everyday sounds cheap ugg boots ong> cheap ugg boots such as the rustling of a crisp packet or a ringing alarm clock could trigger seizures in your pet cat.

Vets have found that a form of feline seizure known as ‘Tom and Jerry syndrome’, so called because of it’s similarities to a scene in the famous cartoon, can be caused by the slightest sound.

Despite these sounds, such as a computer mouse clicking or crinkling tin foil cheap ugg boots , being seemingly innocuous they can have a catastrophic effect on your favourite furry friend if they suffer from the condition.

The sounds can cause the cat to exhibit a jerking motion and even begin foaming at the mouth, which can be very distressing for both the cat and the owner witnessing it.

The condition is very sim cheap ugg boots ilar to that of reflex epilepsy in humans and researchers hope further studies into the feline phenomenon could help both cat and human sufferers.

“With the backing of International Cat Care, Davies Veterinary Specialists are looking to find owners who have cats with suspected noise induced or audiogenic seizures,” said an ICC spokesman in the Daily Mail.