ugg australia UQ tennis elbow study seeks vo

UQ tennis elbow study seeks volunteers

30 July 2009Nearly 100 people have already participated in a UQ clinical research study into tennis elbow, but researchers are still seeking more volunteers.

The multi centre trial is currently investigating the effect of different combinations of injections and physiotherapy treatments for ugg australia tennis elbow.

Chair in Sports Physiotherapy and Head of the Division of Physiotherapy at UQ Professor Bill Vicenzino said the common musculoskeletal condition presented as pain over the thumb side (outside) of the elbow.

“For example, it can occur in people who usually do office work and then either do a bout of gardening or r ugg australia enovations at home after hours,” Professor Vicenzino said.

“The pain is noticeable when the patients use ugg australia his or her hand to manipulate things for example, when shaking hands, lifting a tea cup or pot or even light, one cup pots, lifting shopping bags, opening doors and pulling up pants.”

Study participant Ashley Wilkinson said the study allowed her to seek treatment for tennis elbow as well as learn of methods to prevent the condition reoccurring.

“I definitely noticed I wasn’t playing as much tennis due to tennis elbow,” Ms Wilkinson said.

If you have experienced pain on the outside of your elbow for more than six weeks, you may be eligible for a free assessment and treatment.

Sufferers will be required to attend a one hour assessment at UQ’s St Lucia campus to determine their suitability for the study.

People with no history of tennis elbow or other current neck or arm pain are also needed for a single assessment. Results ugg australia of gripping and arm strength, pressure and temperature measurements will be provided to participants.

Assessments can be scheduled after hours with parking vouchers provided. Study treatments can also be arranged at one of 15 practice locations throughout Brisbane for convenience.