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Software development on early stage custom hardware platforms is not for mere mortals. The hardware isn finished yet, so the software tea ugg boots clearance m must wait for prototype boards to arrive. Then there the build, flash, test and debug cycle. Traditional, JTAG and pri ugg boots clearance ntf style de ugg boots clearance bugging are hard enough but when application performance must be improved, there ugg boots clearance when the real wizardry takes Read More

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Bare Metal,Imagine this scenario: Your custom hardware design is still being worked out by your hardware team. Early stage, pre silicon design models are running in simulation. The software team has started their work using this hardware simulation and they got Linux running on the simulated target and they are now debugging kernel, driver and application code. The software team helps exercise the Read More

Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition,

I recently got a crash course in hardware/software design workflows. While my software background is strong, my hardware design knowledge is very light. Any thoughts I have on Karnaugh maps or rising edge flip flops are quite dusty. Even so, I clearly understood the problems solved by the new Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition, Read More