ugg boots sale Vision Dance shakes illness

Vision Dance shakes illness

Team fights food poisoning on the very night of the state dance finals

Sports teams are used to adversity. Injuries, eligibility issues and weather problems (see: all of December) are common setbacks, and as the Scappoose High School’s Vision Dance team prepared fo ugg boots sale r the state competition on March 21 and 22, it looked like all their bases had been covered.

The morning of March 21 went as planned, but two members of the team started to feel symptoms, according to several team sources. The two dancers stayed with the team and competed with the rest of the group in their Friday evening performance, arriving back in Scappoose extremely late on Friday evening.

Early the next morning, when the team me ugg boots sale t at the high school, things seemed normal once again with the exception of two ill team members. Once they reached the Memorial Coliseum, though, things s ugg boots sale tarted to go downhill in a hurry. One by one, team members started to show signs of illness, and by the time they were scheduled to compe ugg boots sale te on Saturday evening, only four healthy dancers remained of the original 17.

It was a slightly different routine as well, with a few changes made to accommodate the weakened performers, and after a few minutes, the stress began to take its toll. One dancer was forced to leave the floor midway through the routine, and several others collapsed after the performance was finished.

The ill effects bumped Scappoose down considerably in the standings to sixth place in the finals, finishing with 77.61 points, just over a point shy of the final trophy placement at the state championships.