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Volkswagen’s shocking GX3, the California penned roadster cum motorcycle that rocked the Los Angeles Auto Show is likely to shake up the North American car market like few vehicles have in recent years provided it’s a success. Many other world markets have a goodly number of oddball, small volume vehicles like the GX3 Britain and Japan come immediately to mind. VW’s GX3 has the potential to turn that convention on its head.

But if it sees production (as it looks as if it will), the automaker may pick an equally unconventional manner in which to launch the trick trike a “junior brand” legally s ugg boots sale eparated from the parent company. According to Automobile Magazine, there are those within the VW fold who “. buyers.” This has a few around Autoblog Towers thinkin ugg boots sale g that VW is fearful of America’s reputation as a sue happy, litigious people. Given the GX3’s minimalist ethos (which brooms such items as air bags, a windshield or electronic aids), this could be a legitimate worry, even if the GX3 is legally classified as a motorcycle. Rumored suspension and steering fiddling by Lotus may go a long way towards convincing sportscar and bike buffs, but the British legend’s involvement is unlikely to sway the company’s hardnosed legal teams.

If the GX3 is green lighted, Volkswagen sees the potential for 10,000 units/year and could have examples in dealerships late next year. Of course, it remains to be seen whose flag is flying out front.

Our thoughts? Provided the GX3 is as good as it has the potential to be, our advice to Bernhard’s boys is: “If you build it, they will come.”

As with the current “Chopper”craze in motorcycling,Volkswagen has decided to introduce a ground breaking mass production 3 wheeled performance vehicle that is alresdy being produced in Canada. But hey better late to the party then not showing up at all. Keep the shiney side up

May 09 2006 at 4:49 AM

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Calvin S.

We already have this kind of bike cars,not many but the ones that I have seen look better than this one. Some use old VW Bugs and the others have a cockpit that holds two people one in front of the other. This thing that they are going to try to release is a death trap or a three wheeled coffin to the younger generation. Do some crash tests first then report the answers to the public please. Some thing that saves gas is fine,but releasing some thing that’s dangerous is just crazy.

May 09 2006 at 4:10 AM

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Walter Day

I think the GX 3 would be a great moto/car because there is so(!) much you could do with one of these with aftermarket tuning companies. For the price of one of the other 3 wheeled street rides (Ariel Atom, Carver, T Rex) you could have 2 GX 3’s in your garage, plus enough money left over to buy ANY safety equipment you could want, and go on a vacation. If VW Exec’s could keep the cost down around say $15 17k they would sell out of them. Especially if they get great gas mileage. besides, it’s going to be a VW engine? You could always get a supercharger or a turbo kit for it, and then you could go V 8 hunting. Potential, Potential, Potential. MAKE IT, AND I”LL BE IN LINE FOR ONE!!! (Even if I have to sell my car.)

May 09 2006 at 12:57 AM

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