ugg boots sale Volkswagen Passat Problems

Volkswagen Passat Problems

06 reg Diesel, Owner for More than 5 yearsSecond Passat and wouldn’t buy again. Lots of problems covered under warranty but have spent nearly 2,000 in past 5 months on further repairs which I cannot believe should have been necessary on a “premium” priced product at less than 65,000 miles. Radiator replaced, water pump, CV boots (more than once) exhaust gas valves (twice in 2 years), constant rattles from the dash the list goes on. Nearly 200 to remove and replace the thermostat, although the stat itself costs around 16! Solid build, true, but deisgn is not conducive to efficient repair and reliability extremely suspect. Wouldn’t touch another VW and, given the commonality of parts, that probably goes for Audi, Seat and Skoda as well. To show how bad it is my old Rover 820i was far more reliable!06 reg Petr ugg boots sale ol, Owner for 3 to 5 yearsCar has been been back to the dealer 10+ times to fix issues with radio, dimming rearview mirror, turbo, aircon and blocked drainage points, which caused the windows to suddenly mist up. But the main issue has been a re occuring air bag fault which took VW 2+ years to fix and then to top it all, 13 days out of warranty a fault with the ECU saw me having to shell out 600 VW customers services were not helpful. On the plus side, the car still looks as fresh as the day I picked it up. The DSG gearbox is a dream but not in the ice/snow, no snow mode ie pull away in second gear, that I could find.1996 reg Diesel, Owner f ugg boots sale o ugg boots sale r 1 to 3 yearsGenerally reliable; as an old car (over 16 yrs), cold starts are not ideal, but apart from a flat battery related failure, it been pretty good. Running costs are generally cheap. tax at 240 per year is the largest due to it being a dirty diesel but with the car costing me nothing it a small price. maintenance is restricted to essentials required for mot, which given the age ugg boots sale of the car seems to be the appropriate strategy. it doesn seem right to spend more on it to make it pristine.