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Voltaic Launches Solar Powered Laptop Bag For Charging Lapto

New York, NY December 08, 2008 Voltaic Systems announces the release of its new solar bag, the Generator. The bag produces enough solar power to fully charge a la ugg boots sale ptop from less than a day in the sun.

The new Generator features a sleek, high effici ugg boots sale ency 15 Watt ugg boots sale solar panel. In about five hours of full sunshine, the panel recharges a custom designed battery pack, which efficiently captures and stores solar power until needed. The battery holds the equivalent of a full lapto ugg boots sale p charge and can also be charged from a wall outlet.

CEO Shayne McQuade adds “Since the release of our first bag, our customers have been asking about charging laptops. By using 20% efficiency solar cells, we are now able to pack enough power into a compact case.”

For each hour in the sun, the Generator extends laptop run time by 20 45 minutes, depending on the efficiency of the laptop. An hour in the sun also generates enough power to fully charge most phones, MP3 players and small cameras.

The bag is stylishly constructed from fabrics made with recycled soda bottles (PET) which are tough, waterproof and UV resistant. It includes a protective frame and padded laptop sleeve with storage room for other electronics, notebooks etc. The solar panels come in five color options: a distinctive orange, silver, green, white and a more discrete black.