ugg boots sale Volunteer Effort Sets Town Agl

Volunteer Effort Sets Town Aglow Rutledge’s Holiday Recipe

By Douglas Herbert, INQUIRER CORRESPONDENTPosted: December 27, 1996

RUTLEDGE To an outsider, the Christmas Eve disappearance of half a ton of sand from the sandboxes of this borough’s only playground may have seemed an act of Yuletide sabotage more befitting the spirit of Scrooge than Santa.

But as Kurt Morrison tells it, the sandbox raid was undertaken by borough officials with the blessing of this town’s 843 residents and their children. It was all in the name of a seasonal rite: the lighting of the luminarias.

We had some kids who were willing to give up their sandboxes,” Morrison said yesterday as he stood in the twilight outside Borough Hall at Sylvan Avenue and Unity Terrace.

At his feet, stretching down each side of the avenue as far as the eye co ugg boots sale uld see, were thousands of white paper bags, their tops folded down daintily. Inside each was a votive candle, carefully positioned in a handful of sand.

The event had been planned for Christmas Eve, but was postponed because of the rainy weather.

Yesterday, Morrison and a dozen other block captains” converged on the curbs of the 12 square block town to light the 3,000 candles.

As dusk descended, children, parents and volunteer firefighters inched along the sidewalk, setting the town aglow.

Push it into the sand, now, just like that,” Morrison directed his daughter, Shannon, 7, as she struggled to light a candle.

Moments later, Lauren Michael, 10, wanted to copy her friend. Can I light a candle, Mr. Morrison?’ ugg boots sale ‘ she asked.

Dolly Miles was a key organizer of the event, now in its second year. She said it was one of about half a dozen annual events planned and plotted months in advance by the indefatigable Fourth of July Committee which meets monthly, year round. Yesterday morning, Miles and a few others ugg boots sale , aided by the fire department, deployed the bags along the curbs.

Veteran luminaria lighters say that if the bag is prepared correctly, a candle can burn for more than 12 hours.

If the candle melts and there’s ugg boots sale a perfect puddle for the candle to sit in, it doesn’t go anywhere,” said Rob Yohannan, a 10 year Rutledge resident who volunteered, along with his wife, Deborah, to serve as a block captain this year. Earlier in the week, his wife said, the committee had collected $5 donations from town residents to buy the ton of sand and paper bags required for the ritual. They augmented the ton of sand with the half ton from the playground.