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Volunteering in Plymouth

ViP is a student led society, led by 14 extremely dedicated individuals that have this year organised over 40 volunteer projects and completed over 2250 volunteer hours. Their projects have ranged from Beach Cleans and planting trees to providing the older members of our community Christmas lunches.

This y ugg boots sale ear the committee have gone the extra mile by raising money for many local charities such as Jeremiahs Journey and CHICKS through fundraising at the Union and taking part in bag pack events at local supermarkets. In addition, they have also raised money for St. Luke’s Hospice by running the Reindeer Marathon and have through their many projects helped increase student employability.

ViP this year, have also broadened links with the community by working together with universities from Exeter and Bristol to help renovate the Sidwell ugg boots sale community centre, Exeter. This has help widen Plymouth’s student community engagement and create a fresh, positive image for students from Plymouth University. Furthermore, ViP positively promotes the University and the work its students take on by appearing in most forms of public media for the work they do, constantly endeavouring to change the stereotypical student image.

ViP have also helped collect food for the Plymouth Foodbank, that provides for families in financial need and with many other local organisations such as Moor Trees, Surfers Against Sewage, Monkey S ugg boots sale anctuary, Barn Owl Trust, etc. These links are vital for community involvement and have also provided many students with work experience in the field of nature conservation. If minimum wage was taken into consideration for all the work that VIP and its volunteers have undertaken, this would equate to over 13,000 pounds.

What winning would mean to nominees

This will help ViP widen its image to stud ugg boots sale ents within the University. At present the society has just over 300 members and does some pretty amazing work every year for the community. However, VIP can use this to grow as a society, reaching more students and at the same time integrating more students. It can also use this to cater to more types of projects and more types of students. This will also, at the same time increase student employability at Plymouth as ViP covers and promotes things such as the Learning through Volunteering module and Plymouth Award.