ugg boots uk US eyes ‘special’ relationship

US eyes ‘special’ relationship with China

Beijing, April 14: US Secretary of State John Kerry has said America wants a “strong, normal and spec ugg boots uk ial” relationship with China as the Asian country is a great power with great ability to advance the world.

“We need to work together to do that,” Kerry said at a briefing Saturday night after he met Chinese leaders during his first Beijing trip since taking office in February, Xinhua reported.

Kerry said the US and China, as two of the most powerful economies in the world as well as two permanent me ugg boots uk > ugg boots uk mbers of the UN Security Council, “you have the possibility of create synergy,” which will benefit the whole world.

“Cyber security affects everybody,” he said. “So we are going to work immediately on an accelerated basis on cyber.”

Kerry said du ugg boots uk ring his Beijing stay, he talked with Chinese officials on bilateral, global and regional security issues, beginning with the situation on the Korean Peninsula.