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After the mother left, Lambertson calculated that rent and child care took up nearly all the woman salary. Eager to generate public discussion during national Hunger Awareness Week, June 2 10, they worry about the more than 25 million Americans who use food stamps.They also worry about those who do not.About 80 percent of eligible Missourians get food stamps, one of the highest participation rates in the country. In Kansas, only slightly more than half the residents who are eligible use food stamps.What keeps people away? Pride. ugg boots Embarrassment. Misinformation. When they are hungry, people turn to last resorts shelters, pantries, senior centers all of which are served by Harvesters, the Kansas City area community food bank network.Every week, Harvesters serves free food to 60,000 hungry people in the area. That is greater than the populations of Mission Hills, Leawood and Prairie Village combined.”If we filled up Arrowhead Stadium with 60,000 (hungry) people, people would go, ow, wee got a problem here,?” said Karen Haren, Harvesters?director.Rosa Fletcher makes about $400 a month at the St. James Place food pantry on Troost Avenue, where she pr ugg boots ocesses the applications of people who come in for free groceries. Fletcher is 45, single and takes care of two cousins both 11 year old boys. She gets $389 in food stamps each month, which breaks down to about $32 per person per week.”We have soup kitchens around,” Fletcher sai ugg boots d. “But you ugg boots want your own food in your own house.”Fletcher worked as a certified nurse assistant before she nearly lost her left eye three years ago in a car crash. She can drive now, so she finds a ride to work every day.Fletcher prefers the freedom of shopping for her own groceries, but food stamps buy little freedom. At Happy Foods on 31st Street, her purchases often spring from frustrating choices.Fletcher doctor has told her to lose weight to lower her blood pressure and cholesterol. She also is diabetic. Medicine to treat those conditions costs about $365 a month, which eats up nearly all her salary.Fletcher told her doctor she couldn afford to lose weight. In the produce section at Happy Foods, Fletcher pointed to a $1.99 head of cauliflower.”How can I go on a diet?” she asked. “Tomatoes are $1.49 a pound.”Her cousins love grapes, but a prepackaged tray costs $3.17. Fletcher buys canned fruit cocktail instead.Though she will pass on the 5 pound bags of hot dogs for $7.99 “That ridiculous,” she said Fletcher will buy lots of chicken necks because they are meaty and cheap. She can get four or five meals out of a $3 package.