ugg flip flops Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags

Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags

Trash BagsLine small bathroom and office trash cans with plastic grocery bags. Save any oversized bags that you get for your kitchen trash can.

Disposable GlovesNeed to clean up after your pup? Stick a plastic grocery bag on your hand, and you have a glove that you can toss without worry. Works great for other messes, too.

Craft MaterialsFree craft supplies are the best craft supplies. Use grocery bags as the jumping off point for your next creation: How to F ugg flip flops use Plastic Bags Fused Plastic Projects How to Make Plarn Plarn Projects Plastic Bag Crafts

Gift WrapPull a few colorful bags out of your stash, and use them to wrap a gift. Real Simple has instructions: Plastic Bag Gift Wrap

Knee PadsTie a grocery bag around each knee before you go out to work in the garden, and you’ll avoid countless laundry stains.

Pick Up LitterCarry a grocery bag with you every time you go for a walk, and pic ugg flip flops k up any trash that you come across.

Donate ThemLibraries and thrift stores are usually thrilled to accept any extra bags tha ugg flip flops t you have. Pr ugg flip flops eschools and day care centers may also have use for them. Just ask, and you’re sure to find someone that’s happy to take them off your hands.