ugg flip flops Uses for Plastic Shopping Bags

Uses for Plastic Shopping Bags

Few things in life are free, but plastic shopping bags the ones we all love to hate because of the damage they can do to the environment should they fly astray are plentiful and free with grocery store purchases. Because they are free and plentiful, they have a way of piling up. While many folks send them to the recycling facility, others toss them in the garbage. But these handy little bags have a variety of uses that can prevent them from becoming waste. To get the most use of of plastic bags, try putting them to work on the following tasks, but be sure to use clean ones that have been used to ca ugg flip flops rry only dry ingredients. Juices from meats or poultry sometimes leak into the bag, contaminating it with bacteria or other organisms. Keep it sanitary. Most of us know that you can use plastic bags to line small garbage pails, kitty litter pans, or buckets especially for a sick child who might have trouble making it to the bathroom before vomiting. They also make a handy replacement for plastic gloves to avoid letting our fingers touch undesirable things like dead rodents or insect, dog or cat refuse and other gross things that come our way.

Crochet the day away. With a crochet hook and ugg flip flops a pile of plastic bags, it’s possible to make a variety of things including hats, tote bags, coats, mats, rugs, decorations basically, anything you can make out of yarn or string, you can make out of plastic bags. There several websites dedicated to sharing the secrets of plastic bag crocheting but most recommend beginning by making plastic yarn. To begin, flatten plastic bag, smooth out wrinkles and fold in half. Using sharp scissors, cut top handles and bottom seam off of bag and set aside for use in another project. Cutting from side to side, cut bag into several one inch wide rings. Loop the rings together, end to end, to form one long strand of plastic yarn and begin crocheting. Using plastic in place of yarn brings a unique lo ugg flip flops ok to most crocheted crafts, and the end result is a sturdy item that is often waterproof. Bracelets, necklaces, headbands and a variety of other things can also be made by braiding loops or strips together.

Stuff it. Wit ugg flip flops h their distinct rustle, plastic bags can be used as a filling for decorative stuffed animals, scarecrows or pillows, but it’s best to keep these items away from children, and never fall asleep face down in pillow stuffed with plastic bags it can cause suffocation. To minimize suffocation danger, cut plastic bags into strips or small confetti like pieces. In some impoverished nations, people collect plastic bags and use them to stuff mattresses or homes for insulation.

Donate them! Many thrift stores, second hand stores, food pantries and other agencies welcome plastic bag donations. It saves them from having to spend money buying their own. In many communities, homeless shelters also welcome donations of plastic bags.

Protect plants. Cover plants on cold nights to protect from frost bite.

Insulate windows. In cold weather, tape plastic bags over windows to keep drafts to a minimum.

Fuse to fabric. Create a plastic lining for anything from hand made fabric coasters to home made bags, purses, hats, and a variety of other items. Some people even make cut out designs from the bags and fuse them to clothing to create an interesting look. To do this, smooth the plastic bag and use scissors to cut in to the shape or design you want. Place over fabric and cover with a piece of parchment paper. With an iron on medium setting, iron over the parchment paper, melting the plastic to the fabric. Plastic bags can also be cut into shape and fused together to create sturdy tote bags, hats and even clothing. A number of internet sites offer detailed directions and videos with step by step directions.

Safeguard breakables. Wrap breakable ornaments, glass wear, crystal, china or any breakable items between layers of plastic when storing or moving.

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