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Utility Cycling for Regular Folks

This is not an arti ugg flip flops cle about how to get in shape on a bicycle, or how to compete on a bicycle. If you have no intention of be ugg flip flops coming an athlete, you’ll feel welcome he ugg flip flops re.

At 50 years of age I began riding a bicycle everywhere I went. for seven years. Day or night, rain or shine, through good neighborhoods and bad, I rode. Bags of groceries, Chinese takeout, or a new lawnmower, I carried them all on or behind my bicycle. This article is about a bicycle lifestyle far removed from the athletic sport of cycling.

I call this kind of cycling everyday cycling, and it’s like everyday driving. When you hop in your car to go the grocery store do you first put on a helmet, special shoes costing well over a hundred dollars, a garish skin tight top with pockets on the back for food, special gloves, and even special pants that have a padded contraption resembling a diaper sewn into them? Of course not. Bike riding to get around is just like walking or driving to get around, except that you’re riding. And you’ll get rich! Well, Okay, you’ll just save boatloads of money.

How to carry stuff on, or behind your bicycle.

What to carry in your emergency repair kit.

Observations on everyday cycling, where bicycles fall short of cars and why, along with my wish list for everyday cycling.

Start with a sturdy, simple bicycle. Avoid the latest whiz bang wonders. There are good reasons for a simple bike.

It’s inexpensive you money for some practical goodies you’ll want to add.

Basic maintenance is simple.

Readily available parts, often even WalMart has what you need.

It won’t attract serious bicycle thieves, and if it is stolen, you be able to afford another.

Rule one is that most any bike of decent construction will work. Rule two is that the simplest sturdy bike that does all you need is all the bike you need. Here are some suggestions, but don’t treat any of this as dogma your call, work with what’s available.

Your everyday get around bike should be the right size. There are lots of theories about this, and the more knowledgeable the cyclist, the more likely his answer won’t be right for you he’s probably an athlete. My advice: sit on a few bikes, see what you feel safe and comfortable on. Above all, if you are going to ride more than 2 or 3 miles at a stretch, avoid the new “forward crank” bicycles. They are so very tempting can sit on a large bike and rest both feet flat on the ground. They look cool.

What the salesperson might not tell you about a forward crank bike, is that when you ride one, most of your weight rests directly on your spine. Your butt will get sore sooner. A hard bump on a forward crank bicycle can really jar your back, even your noggin. A traditional bicycle distributes your weight better. If you insist on a forward crank bike, get a suspension se ugg flip flops atpost to spare your back. Popular suspension seatpost makers are XLC, Zoom, Avenir, and M wave. front or rear shock absorbers. They add complexity. They add weight. They add maintenance. They make it harder to add saddlebags, baskets, etc. Bicycle suspensions suck up a tiny bit (or more) of your precious energy with every turn of the pedals. It adds up. There is very little suspension does, that simply standing when going over rough surfaces won’t do as well. But if you already have a suspension bike, use it.

Adjust the seat height on your bicycle so that you can comfortably touch the ground with the balls of your feet (not flat footed) when stopped. When riding you should not have to straighten your leg completely at the bottom of your pedal stroke, it should be slightly bent. You don’t want the seat too low, as it is much harder to pedal efficiently when your knee is bent too much at the top of your stroke. Your leg should not look like it’s involved in a deep knee bend when pedaling it is, pedaling will seem hard, very hard.

If multiple gears are required, a single front sprocket a chain ring often better than two or three chain rings.