ugg sale Viability of hill beef product

Viability of hill beef production in doubt after no increase in support

A child aged four years met with its death at Catsbit, Canonbie, on Friday last, under very painful circumstances. The treasurer, Mr E J Bell read a statement showing that a considerable number of subscriptions had been received, but it was felt that there were still many who would like to give support to the object the committee had to view. Seven years ago, local Eskdale Pony Club member, Fiona McMeekan packed her bags and horse and set off south to her first job, having chosen a career with horses. assistance could be made known to t ugg sale he farmers, and also so that Major Macpherson could hear the views of the farmers. Mr Irvine, Harelawhill, was in the chair.

The discussion was opened by Mr Dunning White of Westerhall, who reviewed ugg sale the Government’s scheme for assistance to small farmers, and pointed out to Major Macpherson that he understood that the finances of the scheme were to be made available from the total resources of the farming community, and that, therefore, there was to be no increase made available for farmers.

For those, who had established hill herds of beef cows the marginal grant was one of paramount importance, as without it, it was not always economic to crop the high lying land and produce winter fodder. It was doubtful whether hill beef production would be an economic venture when fodder had to be brought from the low lying areas.


For the next four years she was a student with Christine Dudgeon, successful trainer of young three day event riders. She was joined there after two years by her friend and fellow Eskdale Pony Club member, Christine Hope, who during this season has had many successes. The next move forward was made in October 1981, when she joined Mrs Lucinda Peto and her dressage horses and tr ugg sale ained with Alison Oliver. It was through a reference through Alison Oliver that Fiona got the coveted job of riding for Hans G Winkler based at the Olympic Training Centre in Germany in November 1982.

Here she is taught to train and ride by H G Winkler the young horses in the stable in or ugg sale der that she is able to keep things running smoothly during her busy competition season.

Having completed her one year’s contract, Fiona was invited to stay another year and this she took up willingly as the opportunity to be trained by such a superlative rider and teacher is not easily come by in the horse world.

On her visits home she gives willingly her time and the experience she has gained to local riders and is much sought after for schooling sessions. This summer she gave valuable help to the Eskdale Pony Club teams.

Fiona is the niece of ex Cornet Michael Bell and her mother, Mrs Jean McMeekan, lives in Thomas Telford Road.