ugg sandals Usable Grocery BagA note o

Usable Grocery Bag

A note on this pattern, I added a faux seam on either side but I doubt one is needed. If you like you can omit the knit 1 at the beginning and middle of the round and just ugg sandals do a k2tog, ugg sandals yo around.

Using 4.5 mm needles, CO 30 sts knit in Garter St (k every row) for 30 rows. PU 15 sts along left edge of piece, 30 sts along CO edge, 15 sts along right side of piece 90 sts. Join for knitting in the round; pm after 37 sts 82 sts. Work 6 rnds in garter st (k 1 rnd, p 1 rnd). Switch to larger needles. All rnds: [k1, k2tog, yo rep from to marker] rep once for the rnd. Cont in this manner for pattern always ugg sandals beginning the k2tog from the yo of the previous rnd. Cont patt until bag measures 15″ or until the first ball runs out. Rnd 1: switch to 4.5mm needle k rnd even. When a marker is encountered, drop down the k st to the beg of garter section and pick it back up making a faux seam ugg sandals (using a crochet hook, pick up the first st then pu the strand from the next 2 rnds and pull through, pu the strand from one rnd and pull through rep until the top of the work). Rnd 2: purl. Rnd 3: knit. Rep these 2 rnds for a total of eight (end with a p rnd). Next rnd: K 3, BO 39, k6, BO 39, k3. Working back and forth in rows, make a garter st strap 20″ long. Do a 3 needle BO with the 6 sts on the other side of the bag.