ugg shoes Valentine’s Day Candy Treat Ba

Valentine’s Day Candy Treat Bags

: Val ugg shoes entine’s Day Candy Treat Bags These treat bags are great for handing out candy to your class rooms, family or friends. Take a cellophane treat bag and fill with candy about half way full. Cut a piece of card stock 4″ x 5″ (or to fit your bag if a different size) and fold in half lengthwise over the top of the cellophane bag. Decorate the card stock any way you choose we used a variety of decorative ribbon, foam hearts, and paper hearts. Secure your decorations to the .Is there anything in particular I can help you with?Off the top of my head, I measured the width of the cellophane bags and drew it on the back of my card stock; then I doubled it for ugg shoes the length. Once I cut out the rectangl ugg shoes g> ugg shoes e, I folded it in half and lined in up to the bag above the candies. Putting a staple towards the bottom of the paper.