ugg shoes Vancouver transit riders name

Vancouver transit riders name their pet peeves

Ever been on a bus and suddenly someone starts yelling on their phone? Or maybe after a long day’s work you’re squashed inside of a SkyTrain and someone has their bag planted firmly on what would be an empty seat?

W ugg shoes ell, if you have, you’re not the only one who’s noticed.

“Being inconsiderate is my biggest pet peeve,” said Ian Chagunda, a transit rider who uses the system five to seven times a week. “Like taking up a lot of space or keeping your bag on the seat. Those are the things that get me. It’s not every day, but it happens a couple times a week. Washington uses public transit three to four times a week and for him it’s the unhygienic people he notices the most.

“Someone who hasn’t showered or anybody wh ugg shoes o sneezes,” Washington said. “It’s not good to spread germs in ugg shoes a packed place like that.”

TransLink Transit Pet Peeves Ba ugg shoes ttle of 2011 listed the Ferret as the worst transit user offense.

Christina Leeson said she uses transit two times a day, and it’s the people who get loud that frustrate her.

“Like the people who yell at the bus driver for just doing their job,” she said. “We’re all trying to get home or get to work, so I don’t understand why someone gets angry and we have to hear about it.”

These complaints gathered on Friday echo a study done by TransLink in 2011 asking the public what their biggest transit pet peeves were.

In it the top two biggest pet peeves of all were the “Funky Ferret” and the “Blocking Bunny.” The type of people who might emit a not so friendly odor, or who don’t shift around to let others fit in.

Other pet peeves as voted on by riders included people who leave their bags on the seat, chatting loudly on the phone, listening to music too loudly and eating food.