ugg slippers US Federal law proposes ‘kill

US Federal law proposes ‘kill switches’ for smartphones

My opinion is that this is a good idea, actually. Phones get lost or stolen all the time, and no, not because of “user stupidity.” Okay, yes. The government and wireless carriers are ugg slippers already looking at your stuff and can find your phone. But what if, in the wrong hands, the first thing that was done was take your important data? It would be nice if you could keep thieves out, because ugg slippers there would be nothing there. Besides, clouds are not hard to use. If you lose data, you can just re download it. If you rea ugg slippers lly do want your phone back, that’s another story, and I wouldn’t blame you either. Apps to find your phone already exist, but many don’t know how to use them or don’t think their phones could ever go missing. I say yes to the kill switch.

now a days most of the phones are coming with non removable batteries . so when some one steals phone they usually switches it off and then take data they want, remove everything and resell the phone after changing its IMEI. if the android or ios asks password to shutdown the device which should be atleast 128 bit encrypted , it should ask the password to enter boot menu from which one can erase everything from phone . it gives user some time to locate the phon ugg slippers e when it is lost using some apps .