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US food corporations fueling obesity epidemic with addictive ingredients comments

Stop eating junk and you’ll withdraw quickly enough. I gave up adding salt to things, now I hate eati ugg slippers ng out because I resensitized to the taste. Also, a bag of frozen steam in bag veggies is often less than $2. A bag of broccoli only has 120 calories in it. That’s a lot of bulk in your stomach for very few calories. Add a starchy fruit or a whole grain and you’re full. Getting processed junk out of your diet is cheap and easy. A potato bakes in the microwave in 4 minutes, add a touch of olive oil and parmesan or top with sauteed greens. Eat 3 greens and 5 other veggies a day and you won’t miss processed foods.

From article: “And while critics might also point toward issues of self control, the foods which are least healthy are also the cheapest, although this reality is more a failure of government policy than an inevitability.”

I don’t agree with that. There are are many healthful foods that are also inexpensive. I eat fairly cheaply but have no problems with my weight. It helps if you make your own dishes and avoid many of the processed foods.

Actually, obesit ugg slippers y is caused by several factors: lack of exercise, overeating, confusion about nutrition, processed foods manufacturer’s disreguard of nutrition to name a few.

It really is a difference between income gaps and food selection in most places. I usually work 6 months and then on unemployment income for a month or two. When I am working I can afford to get the organic foods. I usually get 27 items that are the same each week. When I purchase items at the Wholefoods they cost between $6 ugg slippers 5 $70 a week. When I need to budget my money for food I can get the same items at Food ugg slippers lion for between $35 $40 a week. That is a huge difference but I have to watch what I eat. And it isn’t as satisfying as the natural foods. Even though I eat the same calories I am often artificially hungry.