ugg slippers USA at SaprissaWe’re due.

USA at Saprissa

We’re due. This team has shown a toughness and resiliency, and I think Heydude will give them a “win one for the Gipper” style speech before the match to lift us to victory, amidst the projectiles and one finger salutes.

It made me proud to read about Reyna’s throwing the captain’s armband at the ref way back when. I had forgotten about that incident and much of my memory of Reyna is clouded by WC ’06 and his last couple of injury prone years in MLS. Mexico will probably start moving up the table in the next few days as they face the least likely WC ugg slippers candidates in El Salvador and at home vs T The key thing for any of the likeliest contenders (USA, CR, Honduras Mexico) is stay above 4th place and a play ugg slippers off with a South American team,

Oddly, 2 points from ties in the next 2 games might benefit the US more ugg slippers ugg slippers g> than 3 points (which we would earn from a win and a loss) since ties would deny some points to Costa Rica and Honduras.