ugg United’s new bag delivery sche

United’s new bag delivery scheme

I done this several times before, but a story I spotted this morning out of Dallas made for a good reminder.

One way you can save a bit (sometimes more) on a long distance air fare is to buy separate tickets. This works particularly well if you headed to a smaller destination in Europe or to a far flung part of the Caribbean. Also to South America and sometimes Asia. and in Europe. Rather than fly, say, Air Canada to London and then on to, say, Prague, you could look at a cheap flight out of London to Prague (see photo) on something like Ryan Air or another discount carrier, and then buy a ticket to London.

Better deals, I think, are often out of New York. That doesn always work so well for flights to Europe, but it can if the New York Europe ticket is discounted enough to get you to fly (or even drive) to New York or Newark. It can work quite well on a trip to South America out of New York, or to some Caribbean spots with deals. Likewise, you can fly to some Caribbean spots or South America via Miami.

It also can work if you want to go to Hawaii, as there have been good deals out of Oakland and San Francisco and Los Angeles of late. to New Zealand or Australia. for the $100 or so you get charged by Aeroplan, and then get a $1,200 ticket (or so) to Australia.

Here a clever idea. The latter would be handy for a big family that doesn want to bother waiting around for their bags.

Sadly, the place I know of with the ugg LONGEST WAITS IN THE WORLD for bags, that being Pearson here in Toronto, isn part of his program.

The new service, ugg called Bags VIP, will first be available to customers departing from any US airport and heading to Boston ugg , Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles or Orlando. The bags can be delivered anywhere within 100 miles, and United says it plans to expand the service to nearly 200 airports in the coming months.

I can see this being pretty useful if you a business person and you have to get to a mee ugg ting fast and don want to wait for the carousel to spit out your suitcase. Maybe not as much for average travelers, but worth considering. A package from Tour East Holidays, it goes for $1,199 plus $600 in taxes.

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