uggs on sale View NOLAN DAVIS’s Obituary

View NOLAN DAVIS’s Obituary

Nolan “Ozzie” Davis Resident of Alamo Nolan “Ozzie” Davis was born in 1932 and was raised in Montclair, California. Just out of high school, he met the love of his life Velia (Vee) Delgado. Coast Guard. During the majority of his time in the Coast Guard, the young couple lived in the Lime Point Lighthouse under the Golden Gate Bridge. His job was to protect the bay waters even though he was very susceptible to seasickness. Fresh out of the service, Ozzie followed in his father’s footsteps, opening a small used car lot on Mission Boulevard in Hayward. Finding success with his first lot, he opened a larger lot down the street. His keen business sense and impeccable timing led to great success in the auto business. Three children, Sheryl, Michael and Gary, completed their family. In the 1960s, the family moved from city life to explore the ways of life in the country. Palomares Canyon in Castro Valley proved to be a perfect location to raise a family. uggs on sale He quickly became a fixture in the Palomares community. Through 4 H the family learned to raise horses, pigs, sheep and a variety of other animals. Endless social gatherings endeared Ozzie to the canyon crowd. There were many Raider games, uggs on sale barbequing for parties in his homemade “Mexican Pressure Cooker” and 4 H auctions that bonded the canyon crowd. The neighbors in this tight knit group would go to the ends of the earth for each other like the time they worked together tirelessly to save a friend’s house from sliding down the hill after a particularly bad rainstorm. In 1966, he opened a Pontiac/Rambler Dealership in downtown Livermore, and soon thereafter added a Toyota franchise. Ozzie became a mover and shaker on the Livermore scene, even sitting on the board of the Livermore Rodeo Association. He helped shape the Rodeo’s marketing and operations and took pride in driving his steer horn adorned convertibles in the rodeo parades. His acute business sense led him to relocate his dealership to Dublin in the 1980s. At the time of the move, Livermore’s Mayor, Dale Turner sent him a letter stating Livermore was sorry to see him go, because Ozzie Davis Pontiac/Toyota was the highest tax producing business in Livermore. Ozzie’s foresight and creativity propelled the Dublin dealership to California’s number one Toyota franchise; taking in such unusual down payments as a horse, diamond ring and slot machine. His business acumen and dedication set an example for his uggs on sale children that hard work pays off. As a young man, Ozzie held an interest in hunting, and as time passed his interest grew to an obsession for worldwide big game hunting. This passion took him from the wilds of Mozambique, Africa to the Rainforest in South America. To date, he holds several Boone and Crockett world records and his trophies are currently on display in The W uggs on sale ildlife Experience Museum in Colorado. After retiring in 1989, his love of the Hispanic culture and customs drew him to spend half his time in Cabo San Lucas. When he wasn’t deep sea fishing or golfing, he found joy distributing clothes to the needy. For years, he collected used clothing and hauled bags upon bags to Cabo. He would seek out the poorest barrios to distribute clothes. It was hard to tell who had bigger smile, Ozzie or the lucky recipients of the free clothing. One of his greatest delights was spending time with family, including his son in law Bill and daughter in law Lori. From the time they were young, Ozzie taught his grandchildren Jennifer, Michelle, and Lauren the joys of fishing. His great grandchildren Alexa, Emery, and Braydon brought him such happiness; he looked forward to each and every visit. Ozzie is survived by his loving wife of 59 years, Velia.

“Ozzie, the man, the myth, the legend, and my mentor. Ozzie was true treasure to the world. I was just.”