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Velcro your inserts

I used a sharpie to trace them out, since these will be hidden under your fabric. I roughly measured my fabric using my foam. You’re going to want to pin your fabric to k uggs uk eep it aligned, and your shape doesn’t get all wonky. 2. Cut off the extra fabric around your stitch, except for the open side. Don’t cut too close to your stitch, o uggs uk r the whole thing will fall apart! 2. Whatev uggs uk er works for you.

Now, you will sew (or just stick, depending on which velcro you bought) your velcro on. Granted, you are be able to do this in Step 5 when you’ve sewn your fabric in your panels.

Sew two strips of your velcro on the inside t uggs uk o allow for different placement of your inserts. This is easy, and you can even sew completely through your box if you’d like, since it will be hidden in a bag. Make sure your velcro is securely sewn in.