uggs uk Venerable club eyes return to

Venerable club eyes return to glory days with top

Estates FC was founded in 1932 by Townsville football great Crad Evans and some colleagues from the railway yards, but it has not featured in the region’s top level competition since 1 uggs uk 992.

After several years of having two second division teams, Estates added a women’s team last year and two junior teams in 2013, their first since 1998, and now club president Matthew Whalley said they had officially applied to have a premier league and a first division team.

Whalley said the club had developed a business plan to help their ambition to return to the top in 2008 and over the years had followed through with things including a long term lease of their Victoria Park clubhouse and full irrigation of their playing field.

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“That’s been an ongoing development ov uggs uk er the last couple of years and we want to make sure it’s done properly,” Whalley said.

“We don’t want to enter for the sake of entering, we wa uggs uk nt to be competitive and meet the standards required by Townsville Football.

“We’re pushing pretty hard for it and we’ve got the backing of a premier league coach and we’re also trying to increase our junior base.”

Estates has been one of the stronger clubs in the competition’s second division and this year won the grand final in second division blue while finishing second in the league.

Whalley said they felt they had the playing personnel to match it in the premier league, and their return to the competition would also serve to attract more quality players.

“We’ve had quite a few players who have previously played premier league from other clubs in the past and because we offer the cheapest fees in t uggs uk own and we’re a very social club and that’s definitely a catch there,” he said.

The club had a visit from founder Crad Evans’ granddaughter Wendy Roberts last week. The family have been supportive of the club drive to the top league.