uggs Up Up Double Zipper Sandwich B

Up Up Double Zipper Sandwich Bags

While I don’t have school aged children of my own any longer, that doesn’t mean that I don’t still uggs need to buy sandwich bags. These come in handy for a variety of purposes, and I have been buying “off brands” for years now. I recently noticed a new brand of products at my local Target store, called “Up Up”. I am just learning which products are worth buying and which ones to avoid, and have only bought a few of the Up Up products thus far.

A couple months ago I bought a box of Up Up Double Zipper Sandwich Bags. This box is colored orange and white, and has a wide opening from which to pull the sandwich bags. It contains 100 bags, and they have blue and green colored zipper “teeth” along the top portion of the bag. Like some brands that have their bags designed to change colors when the bags are secured closed, these do not. The colors remain the same whether the bag is locked closed or still open.

Up Up Double Zipper Sandwich Bags are the average size for sandwich bags, they measure 6 5/8″ by 5 7/8″ and they seem about the same thickness as other sandwich bags that I have purchased. The box says they are great for snacks an uggs d lunches, and you simply “press to close”.

I have another brand of snack bags that have a single zipper closure, and I feel these are much easier to close than the Up Up Double Zipper Sandwich Bags. I use baggies all the time, usually for storing extra cookies, crackers, cereal and the like. I serve six school aged children breakfast and afternoon snacks and often I have to store excess foods after opening up the package, and these bags work great for that purpose. I have even used them to transport vitamins or medications, I just stick the bag in my purse and the bag keeps the pills from getting lost in the botto uggs m of my handbag.

The back of the box promises that Up Up makes “good products at good prices for good people”, and states that they donate 5% of their income every year to communities “like yours” (a commitment they’ve kept since 1946).

So what is the verdict on these Up Up Double Zipper Sandwich Bags? Well, they were a buck cheaper than the competition, but I don’t care for the design of the double zipper feature. When the bag is upright I cannot get it closed, and this is after repeate uggs dly trying to do so. If I lay the bag flat on the counter, then it seems much easier to zip shut, it is not always convenient to lay the bag down flat. For that reason alone I would not purchase these bags again.


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