uggs up Your Social Media Networks

up Your Social Media Networks

Allowing social media to be a legitimate fund raising arena would change the way business plans and marketing plans are compiled. It would call for much needed clarification in demonstra uggs ting a sound strategy for social media marketing. An actual social media marketing plan would have to be created and businesses would be forced to demonstrate how they plan to use social media to raise funds as well as how it integrates within their overall marketing plan and strategy. And that a good thing.

By allowing companies to use social networks to raise capital for their businesses, it would force business owners to gain a better understanding of how new media strategies fit into traditional ways of thinking, and maybe help to alter the old school philosophies that are hindering many businesses from experiencing real growth. The demystification of social media for the more seasoned marketer and business owner would let them see that social media is not marketing in and of itself, but it is another grand tool to add to your arsenal.

Yes, the fear that the next Bernie Madoff is plotting his next move only this time using social media and crowd funding to pray on the uggs innocent and ignorant masses, is a real fear and shouldn be ignored. But scum bags like that are out uggs there gaming the system now anyway. The same principle uggs s your parents taught you when you were a kid still apply. If it sounds too good to be true, it is, if it sounds over complicated and confusing, it is. Crowd funding shouldn feel like a total gamble, if it does, maybe it is. But then again, maybe it isn